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Perquè funciona el Placebo

Interessant article a Nautilus sobre els condicionants genètics de l'efecte Placebo. Segur que també es podría investigar això relacionant-ho amb la homeopatia.

Over the past decade, a number of clinical studies have begun to show that people who improve on placebos are genetically different than those who don’t. And although the American Medical Association has long considered it unethical for doctors to give placebos without informing their patients1—the doctor-patient relationship is predicated on a mutual trust—several clinical trials have now shown that placebos do not require deception to be effective.2,3,4 “Contrary to what intuition would tell you, many people are willing to take a substance when they are told it is a placebo,” says Brown, a psychiatrist at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University in Rhode Island and the author of The Placebo Effect in Clinical Practice.(...)DNA tests “offer the first real opportunity to make the distinction between placebo responders and non-responders,” (...) but...“There is very little prospect in the foreseeable future for genetic tests of placebo responsiveness to have any clinical utility,” he says, “especially given the situational and contextual variability of placebo effects.”

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